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After 20 years of leading people across the state of Florida, I’ve strategically made some changes to the C2C Bike Ride. Let me answer some questions:

Q: Why 2 rides?
A: The popularity of this annual ride has allowed it to grow to over 90 participants. The logistics and effort it takes to support such a large group have become a challenge. At that size, the intimacy of the ride and the ability to get to know everyone on the ride has been compromised. Also, the disparity between the experienced riders and the novice riders seems to grow each year, making it less enjoyable for both groups as they have different expectations on the trip.

So, for these reasons I’m now offering two different rides each year. The recreational fall ride will continue to be in late October and the new experienced ride will be held in the month of April.

Q: What ride should I go on?
A: If you’ve never been on a C2C bike trip, and you are not an avid cyclist, then I recommend you join us on the recreational ride. If you’ve been on several of our C2C bike trips and you know you can maintain an average speed (even drafting) of 17+mph, then join us on the experienced ride. I still need a few fast, experienced riders to assist me on the fall recreational ride as lead bikers and be an¬†encourager to the recreational riders. If you qualify to go on the experienced ride, you can go on the recreational ride but understand all the groups will max. out at 18mph, so don’t expect to ride any faster than that in the fall.

Q: Why are you limiting the rides to 45-55 people?
A: Several reasons. I really want to create a more intimate ride. 90 was too many to do that. As a whole, a group of 45 is easier to manage on the road and will allow us more time in the late afternoon and early evening to enjoy doing some new things we just didn’t have time for with 90 people. In this case, less is more.

Q: Will there still be a spiritual element to the rides?
A: Absolutely! That has always been the driver for me. It’s a unique way to get people who have a common interest or goal together in a unique retreat type environment and challenge them with spiritual truths that they can apply to their life.

Q: How do I register for a ride?
A: All registration is done online on this website. Registration for the October ride will open on August 1st and registration for the Spring ride will open on March 1st. These rides fill up fast, so don’t delay.

If you have any other questions, please email me:

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