Fall Cross Florida Bike Trip

Over 25 years ago I fell in love with cycling. While in college my college ministry did a week long bike trip at the beginning of the summer each year. The idea of leading a group of both novice and experienced riders through a physical and spiritual adventure got my attention.

When I settled in Tampa, I talked 6 other brave souls into joining me on a weekend bike ride across the state of Florida. And as we say, “the rest is history.” From that very memorable first ride, I have not stopped leading groups across the back roads of Florida, from one coast to the other.

The ride has grown to be a popular fall weekend event for hundreds of riders through the years, drawing riders from literally all over the country. Every trip is unique and memorable. Thanks to several folks who have a heart for this special ministry, we’ve evolved this ride into a considerable ministry event.


Online registration opens August 1st at midnight.


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